Monday, September 15, 2014


My boss down here spoils me. There is a mountain that backs the university and is a major tourist point (Monserrate). You can either hike it, ride a tram, or a cable car. At night it is lit up beautifully and you can go up to eat something and to take in a view of the city lit up below. When Carlin was here my boss proposed a lab trip for us to all go together and to have a great time snacking and enjoying ourselves. Below are the photos to show you how beautiful the cable car station was, and the awesome view. There isn't much else to say about what is coming below, so enjoy!!

This si some of the lab! Listed left to right is: Marlly, me, Carlin, Luisa, Veronica, Diego, Nacho, Laura, Diego, and Juan Camillo.

We went up early enough to catch the tail end of the sunset. Lovely!

Up on top there is beautiful architecture, and there are 12 stations of the cross to see. It was lovely and well worth seeing.

This next one is where we ate!

And the chapel with my silly labmates!

And of course silly us!

See that field? That is where I play frisbee! Like a boss. That also shows how close the university is to the mountain.

And finally the cable car we rode in! It was awesome. Thanks all!!

A couple days later we went to a food festival. I am sure you won't enjoy it as much as we did (since you can't eat there), but please enjoy it visually!!!

Old man from Up!

Arepa de choclo. These are sweet and awesome. Carlin had to get one.

This was the singing and dancing police force. oh yeah.

And us, being awesome!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Surrounding Bogota there are a bunch of small cities/towns that you can go visit to do fun stuff. One popular place to go if you enjoy outdoors, climbing, kite flying, etc. is called Suesca. It is pronounced similarly to Swissca, so that is how I thought it was spelt, but I was wrong. 

It is about a 2 hour total trip to get there. Here is a theme park we saw on the ride.

The view was essentially beautiful from the very beginning onward. We went with our friend Madlen and had originally planned to meet one of her friends to climb together, but her friend had made some other plans, so instead we just hiked around and enjoyed the beauty of being outside in Colombia. 

Lovely huh?

These climbers could have been us, but they aren't....sad. At least it was a BEAUTIFUL day.

Carlin picked me a flower!

Isn't he cute?

Aren't we cute? I loved being outside.

I take many many photos of people's backs.

So many beautiful flowers!

I made Carlin take awesome photos of me with the flower field

This was a place where they were growing roses. Lovely huh?

Look at the bunny farm!! This one place had about 20 dogs, 60 rabbits, and a bunch of chickens. So many animals!!

A final awesome view.

And a bat kite (cometa)!