Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I cannot explain how excited I am about our Halloween costumes

I will make it a surprise, but let's just say they are AMAZING.

And you probably won't understand them.
Unless you are dad or Aaron.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

AZ Kartchner family photos: Official

The Kartchners also wanted family photos since they hadn't had any in years either. These we took at Karen and Kevin's home and we gathered all the family who were in town to participate.

Grandma and Grandpa K

Us being our usual silly selves.

Cousin Jack and Aunt Kathy

The true Kartchners

Tina and Kara

Kevin and Karen 

The whole clan. We added Kyler and the other Kathy!

Grand kids with grandparents.

Silly guys

Throwing me in there

He Kevin and Karen family

The siblings


And Gents!!!

Lovely family huh?

Monday, October 6, 2014

AZ Jones Family photos: unofficial

In December 2012 my family decided to try to do family photos. We hadn't done them for about 6 years, and since the last ones we gained a Carlin into the family. However complications arose and those photos never ended up happening, so last March when Carlin and I went out to AZ our family decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and the new temple and take some family photos. This post doesn't actually have the real family photos, these are just the ones we were taking on the side while goofing off, however enjoy!!

Vogue Carlin, Vogue.

We are hair twins!

Waiting in line for our individual shots.

My mom REALLY hurt her knee that week and had to be on crutches,  so photos were a set of angles meant to hide the brace.

Jumping crazy hair!!!

Sistaz! Missing one.


The temple was LOVELY and made for a great background for photos.

Point of interest: Those pearls were some costume jewelry I was allowed to take from my grandmother's supply after she died, so it is almost like the family is even bigger and she is there. I don't usually find as much sentimental value in items from ancestors as my sisters do, but I really appreciate things from the ancestors I actually know/knew.

And now a billion silly photos.

Aunts and their nieces/nephew be CUHRAYZE!!!!

Just missing Ariana

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Videos of epic natures

So these are various videos I have taken in the last year. The problem is that my phone doesn't let me load videos through blogger, so I had to download these to my computer, post them to youtube, and then put them here on the blog, so enjoy!

Back in November at the conference we went to in Tampa there was this epic park with a cool electronically based game to run and hit the lights shown. Brandon and Danier tried to do it (I sucked at it but it was fun).

I don't even remember what this video was.

My nieces sang together in their school musical. ADORABLE!!!!

Apparantly Lauren's nephew chases laser pointers.....like a cat.

Street performers in Bogota, Colombia

Music night in our apartment!!!! In Bogota Colombia

Cantoara at our apartment in Colombia.

Random free concert. Very strange. (Colombia)

Another free concert, but less strange.  (Colombia)

Concert for la Feria de Flores in Medellin.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Back and forth mesa and Tucson

Because of family obligations when we went to AZ Carlin and I had to go back and forth between Tucson and Mesa a few times. The biggest reason is that we wanted to go to the school musical my nieces were in. It was beauty and the beast, and they were Mrs. Potts and Lumiere. They were so perfect for these roles too. I loved the performance and thought it was worth attending (despite the 4+ extra hours in the car). 

Sarai as Lumiere.

Aislyn as Mrs. Potts.


Don't worry, there will be a video where you can see them tomorrow.

We then went back to Tucson to spend one more day with the family down there (one day isn't much time though).

We actually had family photos in both Mesa with my family and in Tucson with Carlin's family too! It was crazy busy!

We are all matching. Awesome huh? Kara isn't in this photo, but she was around.

Snowman turned into SKELETOR!!!!

Had to enjoy some AZ sunsets while there too!

And we went out with Katie and Mandi. We had a great time eating GF/allergen free food (though it was a bit pricey).