Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Getting used to the USA

Before I left Colombia I said a fond farewell with a final meal of fish with patacones and hogao. I cannot express to people how amazing the fish is there. A wonderful fresh fish deep fried? Oh!!!! SO good. What is funny is if you ask anyone they will tell you that I hate hate hate fish. I always have. But since moving to NC and then to Colombia I discovered that freshly caught fish, and deliciously prepared fish can be amazing. 

I decided to post this post finally because I really miss Colombia right now. As in I pine for Colombia. 

In the airport I ate the very last of my Granadillas. I miss these fruit dearly. 

The good news is that even though I miss Colombia, the people I missed back here in the U.S.A. missed me too!!!!!

My lab is the cutest, and they decorated my desk to let me know how much they had missed me.

I tried to get back to science quickly (even though I had prelims, and I am proud to announce that I passed them!), but I had to include something from my home in another country (note the Uniandes shirt, love that place).

And I finally did what I had been saying over and over in Colombia I would do when I got back. I dyed my hair!!!


It actually wasn't that noticable. As in, 2 months after I did it my boss said....."is your hair blue?" It took that long to fade enough that people realized.

Actually now it is more noticable (redid it) and purple!

I think I will do crazy colors forever! I love it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Julia's wedding

Once upon a time, long long ago my good friend Julia decided to get married (last June, as in 1 day before I left for Colombia!). I fully support her in that endeavor, and as such Carlin and I decided to attend her wedding. Truth be told it was my first outdoor wedding, and I have to say that it was lovely (albeit a little warm). 

I got dressed up for the occasion too!

The wedding was at the UNC botanical gardens and they have one of those big chess sets there.

I was terrified we would arrive late, so I made sure we got there SUPER early. So what did I do? Take random Selfies with Carlin. 

And explore the gardens! Please note the super-cool carnivorous plants.

The name of this plant made me laugh. Like a 10-year old.

Jon is holding the program up for me.

Labbies supporting other labbies (get it? we are all in the same lab).

Brandon and I with our dudes!

The wedding was great, and my home-made gifts were a hit with the couple. I just wish I had thought to take pics of them ahead of time. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

He let me do what!!!!

Happy new year!!!!!! I am only 1.5 months late on that statement, but it fits since these photos are from New Year's Eve/Day this year. It is 2015!!! Being early 2015 means it has been 2.5 years since Carlin has had a haircut.

This cute dude has been letting his hair grow out super long. We have even passed through the vaguely hippie hair into the true hippie hair. 

Years and years I have been trying to convince Carlin to let me do something, and for New years he finally gave in.

He didn't particularly like it though.

I STRAIGHTENED HIS HAIR!!!! Doesn't he look awesome? And so happy? What is insane is that his hair naturally became curly again due to humidity, and sorta looks like any girl's dream hair. Witness below.

It brings me joy that Carlin is so good-natured. Love this dude!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Coolest Halloween 2014 costumes which I feel MUST make an appearance at some comicon somewhere!!! (Sorry it took so long Megan!)

Happy Halloween...3 months late!!! This year I decided it was time to pull out the sewing machine again and go over-the-top to make EPIC costumes.

Carlin and I both like anime (me moreso than him). This is vaguely comical because I had no interest whatsoever in anime while growing up, but after we got married he exposed me to it and I love it.

My favorite anime is Fairy Tail (watch it in Japanese with English subtitles). It is hysterical, but also teaches good morals (except for fan service) and has many action scenes. I love it more than I can say.

Carlin's favorite (I think, either that or our favorite as team Kartchner) is Sgt. Frog (watch it in English since they put random subtitles that make it funnier throughout). 

While I was in Colombia I thought of Fairy tail, and the flying cat character who is in all the episodes. He is Happy, the Nekomander (his best friend is a dragon slayer commonly called the salamander, and neko means cat in japanese, so he is the nekomander).

 He is the funniest character on the show, second only to Natsu. Really I love this show a ton. I decided that for halloween I should be Happy, because who wouldn't want to be a blue cat with wings? And I don't think I could pull off Natsu very well. My washboard abs are awesome, but not quite to his level......yes.....

****A small note along the lines of washboard abs. I know some people hate the unrealistic portrayl of body shapes that anime tend to have. I however don't care that much, because I figure that they are equally unattainable for dudes and chicks, so I consider it fair. Also, I never expect any real living human to look like characters from Fairy Tail. I mean, COME ON, look at the abs (which almost all men in the series have) and all the women are thin and busty. But I still love it!*****

Since I decided to go anime, I decided Carlin should be anime too! We chose the character from his favorite anime, Sgt. Frog, and we went with Sgt. Keroro, the main character who is an idiot and total crackup! The basic plot is that Keronians (alien frogs) are taking over pikopon (Earth), but are led by a total idiot. There are humans, but the pic I chose just has the frogs, and Carlin is the green one:

So how best to portray anime animal-based characters? To me the answer was obvious: FLEECE ONESIES HOME MADE!!! 

Man did I choose an awesome option for this one! Here are the final products laid out.

Carlin making his best Keroro evil plotting face as we headed out for the church trunk or treat.

We won the best couple contest!

You can see the hoods a little better here.

Here is happy!!! Wings and all. The costume is even cooler in real life than photos can portray.

Here we are with my friend Dat. No his eyebrows are not that pointy, and no he does not have a mustache. But you can see my tail!

My peeps!!! Andrew as creepy Joker, Julia as little red, and Brittany and Matt from Futurama!

Cindy and I showing off her gunshot wound! It was an epic painting job done by Dat (Dat did all the face painting for Cindy, Andrew, and a ton of other people).

Cruising Franklin Street, it was INSANE with TONS of people.

And of course we went to Brandon's party!

This is probably my best photo from the night, taken from my friend Kelly's instagram. It is a lab photo showing Brandon as Mugatu, Kelly as Pocahontas, Julia as Morticia (Also a home-made costume), and me as Happy. I loved the costumes! They were warm, exactly what I wanted, and perfect. 

If you wanna make your own onesie, follow instructions for an adult Simplicity pattern 2853, and I used the hood pattern (to make it big) from this post for how to make a pokemon onesie costume (which you could follow without the simply pattern if you are braver than I am)!

Let me know what you think of these EPIC costumes

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I hope I have built up good Kharma in my life...

Friday is my oral defense for my prelim examination (finally passed the written portion).

Please send all good prayers/thoughts/kharma that you can spare in my general direction.
Much obliged!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mesa: paddle boating

Before I get to the meat of this post, I want to show you Lola, Nick's dog. She is beautiful and I think she is awesome! Albeit energetic...

We went out with Lauren and her nephew Jackson for lunch. Delicious!!

How pretty is she?

And Carlin was a goof.

We tried to go in a group to the Botanical Gardens, but since it was Spring break we weren't able to get in. The gardens have a "maximum capacity" for the day, and they don't keep track of how many people leave so you can't actually go in after enough people have entered. We talked and thought about what we could do after driving all that distance and it already being the afternoon, and I proposed going to Tempe Town lake and us paddle boating around the lake. Me being the "guest" everyone agreed (though Carlin complained).

We got there after a graffiti art contest had ended. We didn't get to see very much (they took away many of the frames of art before we got there), but I took a photo of this one because I really like the colors and detail, even though it doesn't make sense to me.

We then went out Paddle boating. Katie had to work and Aaron was busy which is why neither of them is in these photos, but we broke into 3 groups. Sarai, Mom and Dad in one boat, Carlin Aislyn and I in another, and Meg and Troy alone in the third.

Mom injured her leg, so she is in the middle while dad and Sarai pedal. It was amusing.

Our epic boat.

It was an awesome way to spend a wonderful afternoon in great weather. I do feel like March is an awesome time to visit AZ.

The rest of my Mesa trip photos will have to be mined from facebook...aka my sister's pages. I never got a disk with the official Jones family photos, so soon a facebook-based summary of our trip.