Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Medellin 2

This is the second of the cell phone posts of Medellin. More still to come in the future (even though this particular one is mostly about the end of our trip. Here is the view we had from our second hotel. Nice, huh?

We had a really awesome breakfast at the hotel too. It was great!

They had a spot where you could pretend like you were one of the silleteros. Wouldn't Carlin look good as one?

We went to el Museo Antioquia on our last day and had so much fun. There was a ceramics exhibit and we learned about traditional ways to make ceramics in Colombia. There were some pretty cool ones too.

Here is Carlin next to Botero's Bird. 

I love this next quote. I love that Botero paints people as being fat just because he finds them more sensual. That is honestly one of my favorite things about Colombia. They accept people of all body sizes and shapes. I like the U.S. worries about shape so much more than here, which is ironic because the stars here are all AMAZINGLY good looking, such as Shakira and Sophia Vergara.

This was me re-depicting a very famous one of Botero's works called boy on horse....except I am not a boy...and I didn't put on the costume they had there to really make it a good reenactment.

A view of from the metrocable in Medellin. Beautiful huh?

Some final views from the hotel. It was a great trip overall!!! (though more to come about it later. Yes I am fully aware of the poor grammar here)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Medellin with CARLIN!!!!

Some of you may already know this (seeing as how he already came and went) but Carlin was able to come down here and visit me for 3 whole weeks!!! And luckily for us the first weekend he was in Colombia was when Medellin held their Feria de Flores, so naturally I booked us a flight, and we went to Medellin! After some hotel complications got resolved we explored around a bit. Most of the photos were on my camera rather than my phone, so I will have to do more posts later. 

We walked around Bogota a bit, and then went to the Jardin botanico which was having a special flower/orchid exhibit related to the feria. First we stopped to eat at the garden's food area, and I made Carlin try Colombian food. We ate Lechona (previously described in the blog and I love it) and Colombian version of tamales. Here tamales are HUGE and have SO much food in them. As in there is usually an entire chicken leg in there. Please note the size in the photo below. 

Then we explored the garden, and halfway through my camera battery died, which is why there is suddenly tons of photos on my phone here! Enjoy the beauty!

I was so happy to have him join me!

These are the displays that the silleteros carry around during the parade later in the week. Please note how HUGE they are, and that people individually carry them on their back in a 1+ mile parade.

Maybe least attractive photo of me ever, but what the heck, let's include it. We had to carry alour luggage around with us because of the aforementioned hotel problems, hence we were super tired.

This next lighthouse flower display reminded me of home in NC.

There were birds too.

And what Colombian demonstration would be complete without futbol/soccer?

Wedding cake flowers:

We finished at the desert display to get a taste of back home in AZ too! It was a fun evening at the garden.

Friday, August 22, 2014

More Bogota

One of my favorite things about Bogota is that if you are walking around, and not in a rush you can always find something interesting. One week I left early on a Friday (between 6-7pm) and in a nearby plaza I found a concert going on. It was super awesome to just hear some cool local music.

Watching the concert were some people with this strangely shaped bike.

Here there are these fancy bags, that people hand-make. They are more expensive, but they are also incredibly lovely. I mean, just look at them (if anyone really wants me to get them one while I am here let me know. I specifically took this photos for my sisters to see). 

Apparently there is a patron saint of drivers. I have never noticed before that there is a statue of her in EVERY vehicle. There was a parade (I didn't get a good photo of it) and many taxis and vehicles were driving around with red and white balloons attached to their car. 

Here she is:

Buildings here are lovely.

Look what I found!!! Even in Colombia people know which AZ school is best. He didn't attend there, but still representing. When I told him I am currently at UNC he said that was one of his other favorites. It made me smile.

Here is the top of one of the buildings on campus. Cool huh?

Marlly and I went out to eat, and her hot dog came on a fancy stand. It was a high-brow hot dog.

And of course, ending once again with views from my apartment. 

And Marlly taught us how to make Colombian style arepas (and my old roomie Sebastian is in the background of the kitchen). That's all for now!